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Key Features


Qubic is built on open-source principles. This means that its source code is freely available for anyone to review, modify and enhance. Open-source fosters a collaborative environment where developers across the world can contribute to the evolution of the project, making it a community-driven platform.

Useful Proof-of-Work

Unlike traditional Proof-of-Work mechanisms that solely secure the network, Qubic's Useful PoW not only helps determine the ranking of Computors for each epoch but also contributes to AI training. This dual-purpose approach optimizes computational resources, ensuring no energy is wasted.

Operating System Independent

Qubic's design allows it to operate directly on bare metal without needing an operating system. This contributes to efficient use of the hardware, heightened security, and speedy execution of tasks.

Sub-second Finality

Qubic offers real sub-second finality, meaning the confirmation of transactions and the execution of smart contracts is practically instantaneous. Unlike many other platforms that can take several seconds or even minutes to achieve finality, Qubic's efficiency and speed are unparalleled.

Fastest Smart Contracts

The smart contracts in Qubic, written in C++, execute directly on bare metal, ensuring they are some of the fastest in the blockchain industry. This quick execution significantly reduces transaction times, making Qubic an ideal platform for businesses that require real-time, reliable smart contract execution.

Speed & Security

The design of Qubic has been meticulously optimized for speed and security. Operating directly on bare metal and in UEFI mode, Qubic is able to leverage the full potential of the underlying hardware, ensuring a high level of efficiency and performance. Unlike traditional systems that work through multiple layers of software and hardware, Qubic's direct interaction with the hardware allows it to bypass any potential bottlenecks and latency issues, leading to rapid execution of tasks.

Furthermore, this approach also enhances the security of Computors by reducing the attack surface typically associated with complex software layers. As a result, transactions are processed, and smart contracts executed, in an extremely timely manner. The Qubic network is specifically optimized for speed, both in terms of network transmission and computational execution, delivering a fast, secure, and efficient platform for users. This level of speed optimization sets Qubic apart from many other crypto platforms, further solidifying its standing as a groundbreaking blockchain technology.