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In Qubic we currently have two main types of Wallets.

  1. Direct Network Connected Wallet
  2. Proxied Wallet


Direct- Most plain without any 3rd party SW
- Mostly Open Source
- More dificult to handle.
- Need to have direct connection to Qubic Peers (Alpha)
Proxied- Easy to handle
- Runs everywhere without direct connection to the network
- Server-Part of Software must not be Open Source
- if the proxy service is offline, you can't interact with the network (Beta)

Direct Network Connected Wallet

This Wallet uses a direct connection to the Network. It Connects to at least 3 Qubic Nodes and interacts directly with them.

Proxied Wallet

A Proxied Wallet uses a proxy service to interact with the network. The proxy provider ensures that your transaction is sent to the network.