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Aigarth - The AI Garden on Qubic Network

Aigarth is a pioneering project that will be developed on top of the Qubic network. It combines the fields of artificial intelligence and distributed computing to create a collective system for solving complex AI tasks. The name "Aigarth" is a fusion of "AI" for artificial intelligence, and "garth," an old term for garden or yard.


Aigarth is currently in development and more information will be provided once it's ready to be launched. Stay tuned to our updates for more information.

How Does Aigarth Work?

Participants in the Aigarth network donate their unused computational power to find solutions for various AI problems. People can contribute their system's resources towards a shared goal.

To give a simple example: One such problem could be an AI model that distinguishes cats from dogs. For this, the problem poser would provide a fitness function to rank different solutions. Participants would run a special evolutionary algorithm (a key component of Aigarth), observing in real-time how close their solution is to the perfect one.

The system's transparency allows anyone to pick up the progress of any other participant, either continuing their work or diverging towards potentially more fruitful directions. This process closely mirrors the traditional proof-of-work mining, with the notable distinction that Aigarth's "mining" has practical utility.

Under the Hood: The Helix Logic Gates

The fundamental block of Aigarth's special algorithm is the Helix logic gate. This functionally complete and reversible gate offers a simple logic: it takes three input values, A, B, and C, and outputs them in the same order after rotating by A+B+C positions. This simple mechanism enhances convergence towards an efficient solution significantly compared to randomly chosen logic gates.

Helix Logic Gate

Truth table and logic gate of the Helix gate

What's on the Horizon?

Aigarth is dependent on Qubic, and the development milestones will be more explicit once Qubic is running. With its unique approach to solving AI problems, Aigarth represents a fascinating combination of distributed computing and artificial intelligence.