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Community Bounty Q005: Logo Design for Qubic

Proposed by: Zoxx, crypdro, J0ET0M, CRYPTOisNOW, Pomm3sgab3l, frog-rabbit

Estimated Completion Time: 1 Month

Project Overview

The visual identity of any project, especially a logo, plays a significant role in the way it is perceived. A memorable and meaningful logo can provide a solid foundation for a brand's identity, conveying the project's ethos and values in a simple yet powerful visual form. Therefore, this proposal is aimed at creating a distinctive logo for Qubic that is representative of our technology, vision, and community.

Scope of Work

  1. Market Research: Understanding the landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrency logos to ensure uniqueness and relevance.
  2. Conceptualization: Creating initial logo concepts that embody Qubic's core values and align with its brand image.
  3. Iteration & Refinement: Refining chosen concepts, incorporating community feedback to finalize the logo.
  4. Delivery: Delivering final logo in multiple formats suitable for various platforms (website, social media, print, etc.), along with a usage guide.
  5. Revision: Should the need arise, one round of revision will be provided based on the community's feedback.


The potential impact of this work on Qubic's brand identity and visibility is considerable. Please note, the actual compensation for this project is not predetermined. Rather, it will be determined by the Qubic Quorum voting process upon satisfactory delivery of the finalized logo and all related deliverables. The Quorum will evaluate the completed work and vote on the amount of QUs to be rewarded based on its perceived value to the community. This approach ensures a fair compensation reflective of the community's appreciation and value perception.

This approach keeps the focus on the Quorum's decision-making process and the value it places on the completed work, rather than a pre-defined budget.


Intellectual Property and Open Source Requirement

As a part of this bounty, the final design and all its associated materials should be provided as open-source. The designer will transfer all intellectual property rights to the Qubic community upon completion and approval of the project. The design must not include any copyrighted material unless expressly allowed for such usage.

This open-source approach will ensure that the Qubic logo can be freely used, modified, and shared by the community, in line with our ethos of transparency and collaboration.